I got into graffiti through breaking. Kind of like how heads back in the day got into graff, through music culture (i.e. hip-hop, punk, hardcore). I loved to take any random moment to show off my old schyull skills. It was an awsome way to express oneself at a party or in a park that’s got music going on, but it wasn’t a serious thing. Never ran with any bboy crews or sought out other dudes to battle, because honestly that’s a little too much. As fun as it was/is, graff got my heart pumping, not throwing myself around the dance floor till my hips and head hurt from smacking the ground every 2 seconds.

But I will never stop enjoying the bboy culture. Everytime I travel or even go to Shittenhouse Park I tend to come acroos a few lanky fuckers who can break it the fuck down on some slate or marble ground. I usually hop in at some point, that is, if they aren’t hustlin a show to a crowd of ignorant subrbanites.

Every once in a while I go into the interwebs for some entertaining and skilled bboy videos. Battles are just so exciting to watch. Especially if it’s a couple of heads who hate each other. I recently found this one head who amazes me. He goes by BBOY JUNIOR and he hails from Zaire. The man is incredible. After seeing a television program in ’97 he began breaking and training. He walks with a limp due to polio in one of his legs but that aint holding this large man back from being on of the most progressive and stylish bboy on a national scale.

Here’s a youtube montage of some his insane maneuvers. Can’t find a website for him but check back and I might have something for you…


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