Monthly Archives: April 2011

It’s The Weekend So We Gotta Do It Like Bernie


No Sleep Till……. it’s time to pass out.

Knowledge Dropped By Dick

Philly hands are like jazz. Funky, free-form style. Everywhere else is like white boy rock. All arm and no wrist.


run to the toilet bowl and comb your hair…

Connie Mack Kids

I painted this the other night round 9pm across the street from a hood carnival in connie mack park. these little mother fuckers tried taking my bike but they couldn’t figure out how to ride a fixed gear with no breaks so they let me finish my piece and just threw rocks at me as i rode off to meet up with the crew. solo hood sessions can be funny if you dont let them get to you and you throw their little gangs up.

A Night Out With Thom Buildmore

check him out at…..