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Ready 4 Summer

Yesterday, two of my associates and I rolled up to the 5th and Cecil B. Moore wall and freestyled a rather large seasons greeting for north philly. We got to the wall with an idea to do roller pieces of our names but couldn’t compromise any one way to execute three names in a singular fashion. So, instead of being selfish pricks, we worked as a team and created a more diverse piece for the neighborhood rather than for ourselves. About 3 gallons of white bucket paint and 40 cans of rust-o-leum/ american accents later, we had our statement. Now I ask you, are you mother fuckers READY 4 SUMMER?

big ups to Skeaz for lending a helping hand. shouts to Crane, Faim, and Deo for rollin through and hangin. and shouts to the cute girl that got hit on her bike and didn’t even fall.


dude is sick…


Risot- Paris

Cense x Fresh Melt Water Clothing p.2

The Beard’s In The Building