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My New Life Coach


Steve Powers at TED Convention 2010

I saw this video around the time it got on the internet and found it again tonight. It’s good.

The Lighter Side of Dick Bredman

i dont write poetry. I think it’s cool but it aint my thang. But I wrote this without thinking whilst I was doodling on paper. Check out a real poet at My old head got creativity in his socks.

Sunday 6/26/2011 by Dick
1pm wake feeling embarrassed and still wasted– Awkwardly long visit to the breakfast hole at 1.45– Crazy, cool, cranium collecting, couch-chillin session till 4.30pm– 4.35 walk to the drunk people factory to werk the conveyor belt in a 100 degree cave– 5pm expediting nourishment to ungrateful, unappreciative, sheep….. and the occasional real person– 2am post labor limeade margharita and ipa session till 3.30– 3.45 home for tools– 4.20am walking home transporting the same amount of weight in bag and feeling even more embarrassed as well as extremely pissed– 5am home writing about how half ass my days can be.

Random Spots

Gotta love those spots your can roll up to in the daytime…


This man has been killing shit right now.¬† Coming out of Flushing, Killa Queens, NYC and part of The Outdoorsmen, Action Bronson’s style is reminiscent of the 90’s “get in where you fit in” era with¬† bit of fine-dining kitchen humor. Peep his music and instructional videos on cooking.

If Loving You Is Wong, I don’t want to be white…

Happy 21st, Jon!