618 Arts & Music Festival

I was called about a month ago to participate in a painting demo during an electronic music festival at penn’s landing. The Infamous Mag and When Writers Attack hooked up the vendors and Pabst bought the walla and paint. We didn’t get paid but I had fun. The average patron of this festival, though, was 15-20 year old, suburban, jail-bait. After we finished the wall I got to do a little body painting. Carded every bitch that walked up, too. Shouts to everybody at When Writers Attack and The Infamous Magazine, Alison Greenberg, John and Keith for filming, and all the cute girls that allowed me to vandalize their bodies.

Keith on film, as well as John from StupIDEASy.

My mans boutta get it in with some 15yr old snatch and some shitty, wannabe dubstep. I did end up painting that Mia Sara look-a-like later on in the night.

Paint and wall 4hrs late…

These fucking guys…

lean game…

knowledge from DanOne

Her ID said she was twenty. So I copped them other digits. Shortly after she straight grabbed my mans down below mid brush stroke.

bitches love us.


2 responses to “618 Arts & Music Festival

  • Alison Greenberg

    of course bitches love you. and so do i. wanna spell my name right?


  • 藍俊嵩

    Gorgeous Stuff! My spouse and i had been only contemplating that there’s too much wrong important info on this theme and you also just simply updated our judgement. Appreciate your sharing a very effective piece of writing.

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