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The Genesis Mixtape Download Link

We had an epic release party for our friends album two Saturdays ago. This was our first “large-scale” event at the studio and it was an awesome test for future events, as well as hilariously fun.

The album is also bangin’. Produced by Rold Gold, this album is some straight Philly hip-hop. N-Daddah is the main voice on this album. A witty and effective one at that. Also featuring two other equally powerful voices, Wild West Bandit and Young Haak. In general these dudes are great. Good substance is the word.

Having these dudes at the space was great. I’ve known Roldy for a while and we’ve played many a funky jam together and being able to work with Harry (Rold Gold) to organize the event as well as helping with album design was an extremely fun and easy-going task. I would say he plays the role of RZA in this collective of multi- talented  (when they form like voltron, Rold’s the head). The Deuce Tre’s, the four piece that transposes Roldy’s straight-forward “grimey philly shit” instrumentals into an organic funk/ hip-hop sound to support the MC’s, are on mother fucking point. It goes: Henry on guit- box, Rold Gold on skins, Sam on saxophone/keys, and Ray on bass. These dudes bring the house down. I’ve been to a few of their shows and parties and have definitely cut quite a few rugs.

This is a link to their free mixtape download. Get it, ya’ll. IT’S FREE!!!!


A.I.D. Crew

I know these dudes in texas, right. They rock shit, right. Doin a big and super funded mural, right. Check the press…

Some dudes just know how to fly high…

stoled from 120z…

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