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Exciting Explorations Evoke Emotions

These past few months have been a little tough for me. We’ll call it a “transitional period”. I have been grinding on the odd-job tip hard and thinking about the future. Hanging out with friends has been hard. My schedule has been switched up dramatically and my head is elsewhere. Mostly because I aint been laid in a good minute as well as being broke and tired and a little frustrated. I don’t get depressed, I just get frustrated and grumpy. Staying active helps one in times like these. Staying active or increasing my activity is a little challenging. My ass can’t stay still. Even if I was insanely manic-depressive, you’d still find me skating or painting or just enjoying life.

Yet I digress…

Two of my homies and I went to a place that only a handful of people know exists. That handful of people in the know includes employees of the transit system. No exaggeration. This place is dope. The feeling I got from exploring this place with two good dudes I haven’t chilled with in a minute was that of peace. My adrenaline was pumping. Even though it was pitch black and I was barely able to see what was around me, I felt motivated and happy. It’s a new day.

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