About Dick Bredman

A Philadelphia native, Dick was raised by a tight-knit tribe of pygmy jews in a middle class south Philly neighborhood called, The Italian Market. At the early age of 11 years, Bredman became infatuated with the writing on the walls of his modest urban environment. Using a less than adequate digital point-and-shoot the young child began to document these walls and a few years later, at the age of 15, he became one of the many names on the walls. Since those early days, Dick has continued to paint on every surface possible as well as documenting Philadelphia graffiti and urban culture. Stay tuned for more photography and film segments.


4 responses to “About Dick Bredman

  • Juspix

    the site looks very promising brotha!!!! ill be checking it on the regular…..

  • missywuzhere

    I’ve never been to Philadelphia, but your art looks wonderful! Sensational! I am sure you have seen “Exit through the Gift Shop”… I’ve been curious as to whether it is fiction or not?? Seems right on, but I could be spoofed! Regardless, it is amazing art!! Of course, I am an artist of a different sort, I don’t paint on walls.. although I dream??

  • Joe Castro

    Can you tell me what street that Camden, NJ 2011 (Cense, Skrew, Nope, Le Josh, Gane, and Dick) is? Nice site bro. Keep up the great work

    • D. Bredman

      unfortunately that information can not be released. also, the production had to be buffed because the merchantville business coalition threatened the property owner with a hefty fine if the art wasn’t painted over. and thanks for the kind words, my dude.

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