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Handselecta’s New Book

Cant wait to get my copy of this. 10 years in the making.


The Mayans Were Wrong

IMG_0900  IMG_0894 IMG_0897 IMG_0901 IMG_0902

Rest In Peace NEKST MSK

One of my faves. It’s a shame to hear about the passing of this true American bomber. None of my pictures. stolen from various places.Vivitar 5300271381_505a64e0ba_b 6078594516_b8f8cab21d_b nekstclean

Reefer Madness

one of my favorite graf documentaries. made by FatsoOne

Back For The First Time…

Life gets in the way sometimes. But I like it. Here’s some awesome stuff. Rest In Peace Baba, LZ, Kamol, and all the other fallen souls



Videos Stoled

I’ve been slackin on the blog cuz life is pretty important. Got a bunch of flicks i’ve been saving for egotistical masturbation. Please enjoy these videos I jacked from the interwebs.

shouts to my friend Yis for the massappeal feature. good dude he is